Mr. Wells has provided dispute resolution services since 1983.  He now regularly arbitrates cases involving complex issues, multiple parties and potential damages in the millions of dollars.



Mr. Wells has been a professional mediator since 2001. He is an approved mediator with the American Arbitration Association, the American Health Lawyers Association and the International Mediation Institute.


Mr. Wells has a solo practice law office in Twin Lake, Michigan, where he provides legal services related to estates, small businesses, real estate, employment, insurance, governmental disputes, and more.


David Wells is a Western Michigan based arbitrator, mediator and attorney with a focus on alternative dispute resolution.  He also has deep professional ties to the healthcare sector and has been involved in thousands of civil litigation cases, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, individuals, business/corporate entities, self-insured entities, non-profit entities and government/municipal entities.



6110 Holton Rd, Twin Lake, MI 49457

(231) 828-5297