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David Wells is a Western Michigan based arbitrator, mediator and attorney.  David has been involved in thousands of civil litigation cases; representing both plaintiffs and defendants, individuals, business/corporate entities, self-insured entities, non-profit entities and government/municipal entities.


David’s recent professional focus lies with alternative dispute resolution.  For more than thirty years he has been a neutral civil case evaluator for Circuit and Probate Courts in Michigan.  He has been an arbitrator since 1997, oftentimes working with cases involving very complex issues and potential damages in the millions. David serves on the American Arbitration Association’s labor, commercial, employment and health care panels. He is also an arbitrator for the American Health Law Association. David has been engaged in private and court appointed mediation since 2001. He has training in facilitative, transformative and evaluative mediation.


David has deep professional ties to the healthcare sector and to osteopathic medicine in particular. He is the Treasurer of the Michigan Osteopathic College Foundation and was recently on the committee that was tasked with nominating a new dean for the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Formerly, he was President of the National Association of Osteopathic Foundations and served on boards and committees of the American Osteopathic Association. He was one of three non-physicians nation-wide who served for nine years on the Commission that inspects and accredits all the osteopathic medical schools in the nation. Prior to his involvement in osteopathic accreditation, he served as a board member for two local hospitals, as the general legal counsel for a Muskegon County hospital and was the Executive Director of the Osteopathic Foundation of West Michigan. David has also provided legal services for many physicians in Muskegon County, Michigan.


In his free time, David enjoys a number of outdoor activities. 


Growing up in Muskegon, he was extensively involved in Boy Scouts, camping, hunting, motorcycle riding, and competitive target pistol shooting.  He was also drum major and leader of pep band for school. 


David is a seasoned scuba diver, with 20 years experience as a scuba diving instructor and dive trip organizer.  While he no longer teaches, David continues to travel the world with his wife and friends, experiencing their shared love of diving.

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